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My main influences in terms of my preaching and study of the word of God (besides the usual commentary sets such as Yale Anchor, New Interpreters Bible, Word, CBC and others) are 2 Robs and 2 Toms:
Word on Fire - Bishop Robert Barron

Salt + Light TV - the amazing ministry of Fr Tom Rosica

Rob Bell

Bishop Tom Wright

Strangers of Epiphany

Although there is nothing in the Gospel of Matthew about camels, kings or even how many of the strange magi visited the child Jesus and his mother Mary - there are enough details to provide much pondering. The first chapter of Matthew's gospel - although we are given...

How is this woman mother of God?

The understanding that Mary - a seemingly ordinary teenager growing up in Judea or Galilee who happened to be visited by the archangel Gabriel to hear the announcement that she would become the virgin mother of the saviour, who would be called Jesus - thereby becoming...

The child in whom we live and move

So many of our Christmas traditions are based on the barest threads of details. For example, in the gospel of Luke, although we are given very complete information about the announcement of the birth of first John and then Jesus, and the details of their parents and...

The Baptism of Jesus and ours

When you come to reflect on the baptism of Jesus, the first thing that you need to take account of is how odd an event it must have been. The primary significance of the baptism that John was offering was a washing from sin and a ritual of repentance. It was in direct...

Epiphany – the choice of the Magi

In considering the account of the Magi arriving in Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the gospel is already richly told. Even so, many traditions, legends and carols have added all kinds of details to the story, most of which cannot be supported by the text itself. When the...

The Holy Dysfunctional Family

Flowing directly out of the celebration of Christmas this year we have the opportunity to reflect upon not only the holy family of Nazareth, but also our own conceptions and ideas of family. In my case, I know that many of my most basic understandings of family came...