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My main influences in terms of my preaching and study of the word of God (besides the usual commentary sets such as Yale Anchor, New Interpreters Bible, Word, CBC and others) are 2 Robs and 2 Toms:
Word on Fire - Bishop Robert Barron

Salt + Light TV - the amazing ministry of Fr Tom Rosica

Rob Bell

Bishop Tom Wright

Four Transcendentals: Beauty

We come to the final transcendental this week as we encounter Beauty. Over the weeks of Advent we have journeyed through these ideas that are present in every single thing, indeed in being itself - 'Omni ens est unum, bonum, verum et pulchrum' - that all being is one,...

Four Transcendentals: True

When John the precursor asks the question of Jesus - are you the long-anticipated Messiah - or are we to wait for someone else? - he taps into the long tradition of the prophets and holy people of Israel who had longed for a new David to set them free from all of...

Four Transcendentals: Good

All being is one, good, true and beautiful (Omne ens est unum, bonum, verum et pulchrum) The word Good is very commonly used in the scriptures (more than 500 times), but it can mean one of ten things: useful; pleasing / agreeable; advantageous / profitable; fitting /...

Four Transcendentals: One

One small piece of wisdom that has come down from the ages (it was first stated in Greek philosophy, and then offered into the Christian tradition through the writings of the Eastern fathers, St Augustine, and then codified in scholastic philosophy through the...

The law of four – part 3

We saw in the first week of this series that one of the places that we see the law of four is in every great story ever told as well as in the story of our own lives - the pattern of (1) Hearing the summons; (2) Enduring the obstacles; (3) Receiving the prize/favour...

The law of four – part 2

This week in our Law of Four series, we looked in more detail at the four Gospels, and particularly the connection and relation of the first three Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) - why we call them the Synoptic Gospels, and how over the last 150 years we have...

The law of four – part 1

The new parish logo has been inspired by a much larger and more ancient reality. Looking at the nature of church and our involvement within it, as well as the structure of the liturgical year and the arrangement of the readings from the Gospels is part of what we will...